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South Africa gives the best "patent‐bang" for your "buck" WORLDWIDE ‐ whether based on GDP or population. South Africa should be a default selection in everyone's national phase patent basket:

  • South Africa is a member of BRICS ‐ an association of 5 major emerging markets, including Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • GDP: US$385 billion
  • Population: 53 million
  • Median age: 24.7
  • Most trade within Southern Africa flows through South African ports, making South Africa a gateway into the African continent
  • Primary industries: mining, agriculture, manufacturing, health, energy
  • South African patents (with the exception of pharmaceutical patents) are not examined and do not incur prosecution costs. South Africa is one of the most affordable countries in which to file, prosecute and renew patents worldwide
  • South African courts are independent. Competent High Court judges are appointed as the Commissioner of Patents to hear patent disputes. Matters are heard in English, and enforcement is effective

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