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Summary of the process for registration of a South African patent using the Iptica online national phase patent filing system:

Your steps

Our steps

1. Register (providing username and password) or login. All correspondence will be sent to your email address.
2. Input application details.
3. Sign forms by either: using our e‐signing option; or downloading, printing, signing, scanning and uploading the forms. We do not require hardcopies of the original signed forms to be sent to us. Neither do any of the forms require commissioning, legalisation or notarization.
4. (Optionally) Request a South African patent attorney to review your application details and uploaded documents to confirm that they are correct prior to filing (cost: US$49).
5. Pay US$399 filing fee by credit card.
6. If requested, a South African patent attorney will review your application to confirm that the information provided and documents uploaded are correct. No changes will be made to the application without your approval.
7. We file the South African national phase patent, signed by a registered South African patent attorney.
8. Within a day or two of filing, we receive a filing receipt (with the application number) from the South African Patent Office, which we forward to you by email.
9. About 9 months later, we receive notice of acceptance from the South African Patent Office, which we forward to you by email.
10. Instruct us to arrange publication and grant of your South African national phase patent for US$70. Acceptance must be published within 3 months of acceptance, but arrangements should be made within 7 weeks of acceptance.
11. We should receive the registered patent certificate within 3 months of publication. We will email an electronic version of the certificate to you. If required, we could courier the registration certificate to you (anywhere in the world) for US$110.
12. The PayAnnuity patent renewal system will email you South African patent renewal reminders. The first South African patent renewal falls due on the third anniversary of the PCT patent filing date. You may login to the PayAnnuity system and instruct South African patent renewals online, paying by credit card (estimated renewal cost: US$60‐75 pa).

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